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Catenary Wire Fills the Space!

Signaline has always strived to offer the best and most suitable fixing solutions to secure our linear heat detection. In certain applications this is not always so easy!

In areas where there are no easy fixing place or there maybe obstacles on the ceiling, securing the linear heat detection cable can be problematic.

Signaline Catenary Wire neatly resolves this issue.

Signaline Catenary Wire is available as an optional addition to any of the Signaline Linear Heat Detection cables.

Signaline Catenary Wire aids in installing Signaline linear heat detection cables in areas which may be difficult to access, have large spans to cover or fixing the cable at the normal recommended spacing (up to 1.5m / 5ft intervals) would be too difficult or time consuming.

The catenary wire is spiralled around the cable and makes the detector cable self-supporting.

A turnbuckle hook and support is sold separately to complete the installation.

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This news item was posted on 15 March 2022.