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Made of Steel – New Products!

Signaline is pleased to announce the addition of new stainless steel braided cables and clips!

Signaline has always offered a highly corrosive and UV resistant range of Linear Heat Detection Cables. However, in some applications you need to only offer uv and chemical protection but also mechanical protection.

In these applications we can offer any of our Signaline FT-EN or FT cables with a braided stainless steel outer coating. The standard cable has an additional SS316L braid weaved around it to ensure the highest level of mechanical protection.

The result is an immensely strong and durable linear heat detector that can be placed into areas were the cable maybe subject to mechanical damage.

Alongside the new stainless steel option we also now can offer two new stainless steel fixing clips; the L Clip and the V Clip

Both made of SS316 grade stainless steel, these new clips can be used in the harshest of conditions and offer a robust and reliable fixing for Signaline Linear Heat detectors. Easy to install and with no maintenance required these new clips will ensure you complete your Signaline Linear Heat Detection solution with confidence.

To find out more on any of these new products call our team on +44 1252 725257 or emails

This news item was posted on 15 February 2022.