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Signaline Stainless Steel Braided Linear Heat Detectors

Increased Mechanical Protection for any Signaline Linear Heat Detector

Signaline Stainless Steel Braided Linear Heat Detectors

Signaline FT -EN and FT cables come complete with hard wearing and durable outer coatings. However, in some applications, such as engine bays or conveyor belts, there can be a risk of mechanical damage to the Linear Heat Detectors.

In these applications we can offer any of our Signaline FT-EN or FT cables with a braided stainless steel outer coating. The standard cable has an additional SS316L braid weaved around it to ensure the highest level of mechanical protection.

The result is an immensely strong and durable linear heat detector that can be placed into areas were the cable maybe subject to mechanical damage.

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Alarm temperature: 78°C, 230°C, 105°C, 185°C, 68°C, 88°C

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