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Signaline Launch New Brochure for 2022

Signaline is delight to launch the new 2022 Brochure. Complete with all the latest updates.

The new 2022 addition will be the first to include our market leading EN54 part 22 approved Signaline FT-EN range. Signaline FT-EN, is a fixed temperature linear heat detection cable. Signaline FT-EN comes in 78˚C or 88˚C alarm temperatures and is complete with alarm location controller.

As well as the Signaline FT-EN we are please now offer stainless-steel braiding across all Signaline linear heat detection. This braid is made up of multiple SS316 wires ensuring the cable has exceptionally high mechanical protection, making it an incredibly robust heat detector and ideal for harsh environments such as conveyors, escalators and engine bays.

2021 saw the launch of the new catenary wire product. This product attaches a fixed steel wire to the Signaline Linear Heat Detector and therefore allows the detection cable to be ‘suspended’ from the steel cable. This solution is perfect in areas were there is no easy fixings position, partitioned ceilings, or simply you are looking to speed up installation and reduce costs.

Signaline WATER has also been enhanced! The updated Signaline WDM-KM now comes in a better enclosure with IP rated terminals rather than flying leads. This allows for quicker installation and better protection from water ingress.

To download a copy of the brochure please click here.



This news item was posted on 1 March 2022.