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Application Focus – The Fire Risks of Solar Panels

With a climate crisis upon us and a need to find suitable power solutions at a lower carbon cost, many are looking to solar to fulfil, not just the next generation of energy needs, but today’s needs as well.

This exciting transition to renewables also presents new fire risks.

Solar panel fires can be caused by panels short circuiting, poor maintenance, damage from debris, or over heating. A recent BRE analysis suggested that system design or poor installation can also create significant fire risks.

Panels are often roof mounted meaning that an overheating solar panel can lead to catastrophic fire event. Like the recent Amazon warehouse fires in the USA.

Furthermore, solar is also used domestically to supplement or replace mains electrical supply. This can lead to increased risk of domestic damage, as a recent fire on a block of flats in Hampshire, UK, demonstrated.

Nonetheless, solar’s advantages of low-cost and green energy are benefits that cannot be ignored.

Therefore it is imperative that the fire risks are assessed on any new solar panel project.

Signaline Linear Heat Detection has been working within the solar market for some time now and can offer a simple and cost affective solution for fire detection of small domestic solar solutions all the way to large solar farm power plants.

Signaline Linear Heat Detection are weather resistant and maintenance free, and can be installed in close proximity to the panels and therefore provide quick and reliable detection of any over heating.

The system is easy to incorporate into wider fire detection systems. Alternatively, it can also be used as a ‘standalone’ heat detector, signalling to the solar panel controller directly. This input can be used to activate automatic shut down and stop any further power running to the panels.

In larger applications, such as solar farms, the Signaline LocatorPlus can be used to help identify the exact alarm location of the fire. This will enable first responders to quickly and affectively attend to a fire event.

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This news item was posted on 23 September 2022.