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Linear heat detection (LHD) technology is a crucial component of fire safety systems, providing early detection of fire hazards in a wide range of applications. Whether it’s in car parks, roof tanks, cable trays, or hazardous areas, LHD technology plays a vital role in safeguarding lives, property, and valuable assets.

To fully understand and harness the power of LHD technology, proper training is essential. Signaline, a leading provider of linear heat detection systems, offers comprehensive training programs that equip fire safety personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

Signaline has led training sessions across the world. Working with our partners in UAE, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark and the UK, we have delivered training sessions to educate installers, consultants and designers on the applications, products and installation of Signaline Linear Heat Detection.

Signaline training being delivered in Turkey

So Why is Training in Linear Heat Detection Essential?

Obtaining installation training and qualification in linear heat detection is essential for several reasons.

Firstly, it provides a thorough understanding of LHD technology, its applications, and its principles of operation. This knowledge is crucial for accurate installation, testing, and maintenance of linear heat detection systems, ensuring their reliable and effective performance.

Secondly, training in linear heat detection enhances the competence of fire safety personnel, enabling them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to prevent fires.

Lastly, continuous training updates fire safety professionals on the latest advancements and best practices in LHD technology, keeping them at the forefront of fire prevention and protection.

Signaline Training being delivered in Vietnam

How can Signaline’s Training Program Help Your Company?

Linear heat detection technology offers a unique approach to early fire warning. Unlike traditional point detectors, linear heat detection systems operate along the length of a sensor cable, ensuring comprehensive coverage of a designated area.

This allows for faster detection of fire and over heat hazards, significantly reducing response times and mitigating potential damage. With its reliable detection capabilities, Signaline linear heat detection provides excellent fire safety, especially in challenging environments where smoke detection may not be suitable.

Signaline, a pioneer in linear heat detection technology, offers a range of innovative products designed to enhance fire detection capabilities.

Signaline’s training goes beyond just imparting technical knowledge of linear heat detection.

It provides fire safety professionals with a full understanding of LHD technology and its applications across various industries.

Signaline’s training program equips professionals with the necessary knowledge and competence to excel in this specialist field of fire detection.

When and Where?

We have an amazing network of distributors across the world who can now deliver in depth Linear Heat detection training, as well as our own personal. Please call + 44 1252 725257 or email to discuss participating in LHD training.

Start your journey towards becoming an expert in linear heat detection today!

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We are super excited to add Signaline FT-68-EN to our range of EN54 part 28 approved Linear Heat Detectors!

Adding to the market leading range, Signaline FT-68-EN adds further alarm temperature choice to our EN54 approved range with a low alarm temperature of 68°C. Allowing the customers now the choice of 68, 78 or 88°C alarms from this range. (for higher temperatures please see Signaline FT)

The new Signaline FT-68-EN is a linear heat detection system that provides unparalleled protection and reliability for your premises.

In this post, we will provide an in-depth analysis of this new technology and highlight its key features and specifications. We will also explore how it improves fire safety and discuss the advanced technology that powers it.

Additionally, we will delve into the practical applications of Signaline FT-68-EN and explain why it is an ideal choice for your safety needs.

So join us as we take a closer look at this exciting new product from Signaline and discover how it can enhance your fire safety measures.

Introduction to The New Signaline FT-68-EN Linear Heat Detection cable

The new Signaline FT-68-EN is an advanced linear heat detection cable that offers reliable and low cost fire detection along the entire length of the sensor cable.

Designed to operate with the LocatorPlus-EN and FT-EOL-EN it ensures precise and accurate alarm location. With EN54 part 28 certification, it guarantees quality and reliability.

Features and Specifications of Signaline FT-68-EN Linear Heat Detector

The Signaline FT-68-EN system offers early detection of fire by sensing excessive temperatures. It is suitable for use in car parks, cable trays, tunnels, and other electrical equipment.

signaline ft-68-en is ideal heat detection with car parks
Signaline FT-68-EN is ideal heat detector within a car park

The installation instructions are simple and easy to follow.

How Does Signaline FT-68-EN Linear Heat Detector Improve Fire Safety?

Signaline FT-68-EN enhances fire safety by swiftly detecting fires at their source and facilitating prompt response and containment.

It can identify hot spots, triggering alarms before the fire spreads. The cost-effective LocatorPlus-EN controller minimizes false alarms.

With continuous monitoring of over heating along its entire length, Signaline FT-68-EN ensures constant vigilance against early sign of fire.

The Technology Behind Signaline FT-68-EN Linear Heat Detector

The Signaline FT-68-EN utilises steel conductors, wrapped in a heat sensitive polymer to detect temperature changes along the entire cable. With a fixed alarm temperatures costly false alarms are reduced.

Signaline FT-68-EN also uses an enhanced outter coating which is LSZH and UV and corrosive resistant. Ensuring local compliance and long product live time.

How does the Signaline FT-68-EN Linear Heat Detector work?

The Signaline FT-68-EN works by continuously monitoring the cable for any changes in temperature. When the alarm temperature is reached, it triggers an alarm condition. The LocatorPlus-EN controller then receives the signal and activates the appropriate response, ensuring early detection and swift response to fire incidents.

The Signaline FT-EN Linear Heat Detection range

The FT-EN range of Signaline offers reliable and effective linear heat detection solutions. It includes various types of linear heat detectors suitable for different applications.

The range provides flexibility in terms of installation and customisation.

FT-EN range of EN54 approved linear heat detectors

Signaline FT-EN is compatible with different types of control panels and fire alarm systems.

Signaline FT-EN is approved to EN54 part 28, ensuring its compliance with European standards for fire safety. For global markets, Signaline also offers the Signaline FT range, which is approved to UL and FM standards.

Practical Applications of Signaline FT-68-EN Linear Heat Detector

Signaline FT-68-EN, a digital linear heat detection cable, is widely used in industrial and commercial facilities to detect fires.

Its practical applications include car parks, cable trays, service tunnels, manufacturing plants, and other areas where the risk of an alarm event is high.


The new Signaline FT-68-EN is a fantastic addition to the FT-EN family. With its low alarm temperature advanced features and specifications, it offers the perfect solution for many fire detection applications.

Whether it’s for industrial or commercial applications, the Signaline FT-68-EN is the ultimate choice for your safety needs.

Don’t compromise on fire safety. Invest in the best with Signaline FT-68-EN and ensure the utmost protection for your property and personnel.

Contact us today to learn more about this cutting-edge technology and how it can benefit you.