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Signaline Completes UKCA Conformance

There has been A LOT of discussion about UKCA marking of products since its annoucement in December 2020. Not least, the implimentation date of 1st January 2023 has been hotly contested and only this month the final deadline has been push back to 1st January 2025

But here at Signaline we like to get on with things!

So we are pleased to announce that Signaline has now completed UKCA conformance across our range.

Starting in December 2022, Signaline FT-EN will be the first product to be marked with UKCA logo (as shown). The LocatorPlus-EN and FT-EOL-EN will now come with the UKCA logo alongside the UL EU approval stamp and the CE marking.

Signaline FT-78-EN and Signaline FT-88-EN Linear heat detectors will also carry the UKCA conformity but the cable itself will not be marked. The conformity symbol will instead appear on the reel label.

After this transition, the LocatorPlus and the Signaline FT Linear Heat Detector ranges will also follow.

Obtaining UKCA once again shows Signaline’s commitment to product approvals and conformance.

For further information about UKCA please click here to download the BSI guidance.

For further infromation on Signaline Linear Heat Detection please contact us


This news item was posted on 28 November 2022.