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Costs caused by not recognising the beginnings of a fire in a power station can quickly run to the millions.

Fire damage in secondary areas can also cause prolonged down time and add to ongoing running costs.

This is not to mention the possible loss to life should a catastrophic fire develop.

Power stations contain different operating and functional areas creating a complex site.

Therefore integration of an affective and fast fire detection system is crucial in the design of any power plant.

In 2019 Masinloc Power Partners Co, bought online their 335Mw power station in Masinloc, The Philippines.

The design of the fire system was paramount to the overall operation of the power station.

The power station is situated on a coastal site allowing for the coal to be deposited directly from the dock side. The coal is then needed to be taken from this store into the power plant itself. A 2km series of conveyors was assembled to achieve this.

The conveyor system employed Signaline Linear Heat detection throughout to detect any overheating section.

The Signaline FT-R range is particularly suited for this application as it allows for long single zones of line type heat detection.

It is also highly sensitive for close area overheating, like those found within conveyor systems.

The Signaline LocatorPlus will also identify the alarm location to the extinguishing system. Allowing for quick identification to the exact area of over heating before a fire develops.

Areas processing coal are also designated hazardous areas.

Signaline FT-R is deemed ‘simple aparatus’ meaning it is not at risk of being a source of ignition for the hazardous area.

However, the cable must be protected by an intrinsically safe barrier to ensure this safety.

Thankfully the integeration of the barriers is quite simple and makes Signaline FT-R safe for use in hazardous locations.

With vast knowledge of hazardous area signalling, and 30+ years of offering approved solutions, LGM was also called upon to provide hazardous area notification devices.

In this instance the UL, ATEX and IECEX approved D1XC1X05F was selected.

The D1X units employ the latest electronic technology and acoustic engineering in robust, marine grade, LM6 aluminium enclosures. Ensuring complete sound coverage and 360° warning illumination.

To learn more about Signaline’s solution for power plants, conveyors system and other application please do see our applications guides or contact our sales department on

Recent catastrophic car park fires, such as the Liverpool Arena fire in 2017, have once again highlighted the essential requirement for having approved and efficient fire detection systems within car parks.

However, due to the difficult environmental conditions found in car parks it is not easy for many traditional fire detectors to perform well in these areas.

Signaline FT-EN is a new range of EN54 Part 28 approved linear heat detectors that are designed to mitigate such environmental issues. With a newly developed corrosive resistant outer coating Signaline FT-EN is impervious to difficult atmospheric conditions.

The Signaline FT-EN range was selected to protect the underground car park at a City Hall in the western region of the Netherlands.

With a quick alarm reaction and easy installation, the Signaline FT-78-EN, was the perfect solution.

Signaline FT-EN cables report to the Signaline LocatorPlus-EN controller which shows exact alarm location along the cable and is easily to integrated onto addressable fire system to report fire and faults. In this case an Apollo XP95 Loop was used and an addressable interfaced incorporated for power as well as monitoring fire and fault outputs from the LocatorPlus-EN.

Testing is also very easy with the Signaline FT-EN range as integrated test and fault buttons are in the  FT-EOL-EN.

Rienk Leenstra, Aerocheck BV, commented ‘Setting up the system was very easy and testing with the EOL works like a charm’

To learn more about using Signaline Linear Heat Detection within car parks please visit our applications guide here, or to see the Signaline FT-EN product range please  click here.

As a global society we have all come to feel the impact of the Corona Virus. It is a very real threat but with the correct preventative measures the full impact can be avoided and the virus killed.

Like all businesses LGM has implemented special measures to ensure the safety of our employees and the continuation of business activities.

Therefore, we are pleased to say LGM Products is still open for business and here to fulfil orders, support technical queries and questions and continue supporting our clients.

To enable this LGM has –

·       Enabled all sales, technical and finance teams to work from home. They have full access to all systems and therefore can continue to provide the level of support LGM is known for

·       Warehouse operations have been altered so no member of staff are working in the same area and mostly on different floors of the building so zero contact between them is required

·       Implemented a strict and enforced work-station disinfection schedule for those still in our facility

·       All common areas that come into human contact, such as handrails, door handles, kitchens, bathrooms etc. are disinfected on a regular schedule

·       All on site meetings have now been cancelled, postponed or moved to e-meetings

·       Issued all employees with hand sanitizer and access to face masks

·       Altered logistics operation procedures to avoid any colleagues coming into direct contact with external logistics personnel

While we are trying to limit the impact these new procedures have on service levels, we place the health and well being of our staff and community first and therefore this may lead to some disruptions or delays to customer orders. For this we apologise for any inconvenience, but also know that our customers understand that LGM’s first priority is to fight this threat.

LGM has always enjoyed great relationships with our customers and suppliers and we’re in this together as one team.

We will respond as the situation develops and will update our customers as necessary. We wish you all the very best and ask you to take similar special measures to stay safe and to stay healthy.

Signaline will once again be exhibiting at the Securex 2020 Security Fair in Poznan, Poland.

Central Europe’s leading industrial security and fire detection fair, Securex, will be running from the 26th to the 28th April 2021.

In its 23rd edition Securex 2020 looks set to be the biggest edition yet with exhibitors from 32 different nations covering market areas such as fire detection, access control, drone security, IT security and evacuation.

Signaline will be presenting our brand new EN54 part 28 approved Signaline FT-EN range of cables. With two alarm temperatures as well as controller with alarm location Signaline FT-EN is setting a new standard for linear detection within the market. To see the full range please click here

We welcome you to vist us at stand 25 hall 8.



Signaline is delighted to announce the arrival of Signaline FT-EN. Our first EN54 part 28 approved range of linear heat detectors.

EN54 part 28:2016 is the new European standard for non-resettable line type heat detection and Signaline FT-EN is delighted to achieve this market leading standard.

Approved by UL EU, the Signaline FT-EN range is a new range of fixed temperature (digital) linear heat detectors. Based on are best selling Signaline FT cables the new range will include two alarm temperatures cables; 78˚C and 88˚C.

However, the approval is not the only thing that is new for the Signaline FT-EN range! Far from it! Signaline FT-EN cables incorporates a UV stable and chemical resistant coating into the construction of the cable meaning they can be used in even the harshest of environments.

Furthermore the cables also confirm to the ROHS compliant and low smoke zero halogen.

Signaline FT-EN range also includes the new EN54 part 28 approved Signaline LocatorPlus-EN. This digital linear heat detection control monitors two zones of Signaline FT-EN with up to 1000m per zone.

The Signaline LocatorPLus-EN comes in a IP65 rated enclosure allowing for field mounting and as well as fire and fault outputs it can also be connected directly to building management systems via the MODBUS connection.

In an alarm condition the LocatorPlus will give LED indication to the alarm zone and the backlit LCD display will also show the alarm location.

To complete the installation the EN54 part 28 approval also includes the Signaline FT-EOL-EN. This end of line box can terminate two zones of cable and provides alarm and fault test switches to ensure your installation is fully operational.

Signaline FT-EN furthers the Signaline family, that already includes Signaline FT and Signaline HD linear heat detectors, and ensures that we continued to provide approved solutions around the globe.

The Signaline HD range of analogue linear heat detectors and associated SKM controllers have been a longstanding member of the Signaline family of cables.

Therefore, it is with sadness that we must inform our customers that the 31st October 2019 will mark the discontinuation of the HD range.

Due to the implementation of EN54:22 and the withdrawal of the EN54:5 standard for linear products LGM Products will no longer be able to offer the HD product for new builds. The affected products are as follows;

CSSIGHC001 Signaline HD Controller Vds Approved
CSSIGHD001 Signaline HD Analogue Heat Sensing Cable
CSSIGHD002 Signaline HD Analogue Heat Sensing Cable Resistant Nylon Coated
Signaline HD and SKM controllers can only be offered for replacements and extension work going forward.

We will still be able to offer this product as a non-approved system.

Our focus remains on our linear heat product range and we are delighted to continue to grow LGM’s Signaline FT range with the addition of the Signaline FT-230-X cable and the LocatorPlus.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for the support and custom they have given the Signaline HD range over the years.

LGM is pleased to announce Signaline’s participation at the Secutech fire and security show in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Vietnam is a rapidly growing economy with strong growth in the marine, manufacturing and power generation markets. Secutech is the therefore the perfect opportunity for LGM to display our market leading Signaline linear detection range to this exciting market.

Secutech 2019, now in it’s fifth year, is destined to be the biggest yet with 360 confirmed exhibitors.

LGM stand will be showcasing the following Signaline products  –

Signaline LocatorPlus – Our UL approved dual zone locator and monitor module for our Signaline FT range

Signaline FT-230-X – Brand new high temperature linear heat detector; ideal for engine rooms and kitchen applications

Our extensive range of audio visual alarm warnings approved for hazardous locations

The Exhibition is at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, and runs from the 14th to the 16th August 2019.

LGM’s booth number is K16; We look forward to seeing you there.

LGM Products is delighted to announce the arrival of our latest fixed temperature Linear Heat Detector: FT-230-X

The Signaline FT range of Linear Heat Detection cables are well known for their suitability in extremely harsh environments. They provide efficient and effective fire detection regardless of environmental conditions.

Signaline FT-230-X takes this one step further and provides our highest alarm temperature yet at 230ºC/445ºF.

FT-230-X is specifically designed to be used within extremely high ambient temperature conditions. Capable of withstanding a continuous ambient temperature of 170ºC, FT-230-X is the ideal solution for detection of overheats within vehicle engine bays and cooker hoods.

UL approved and ROHS compliant, FT-230-X cable comes with a highly resistant green rubber coating. This provides protection for the cable from atmospheric chemicals, oils and UV.

This new cable is also fully compatible with the new Signaline LocatorPlus.

For more information please do visit the product page here or contact our sales team on or +44 1252 725257

OMC 2019 is set to be a record breaking exhibition. With over 600 exhibitors from 33 different countries it is certainly going to be a busy 3 days!

The deep‐water discoveries in the East and South Mediterranean have turned the Mediterranean into an important gas hub for export to Europe. OMC is therefore a key event to encourage technical and business knowledge sharing among ministers, CEOs, experts and trade professionals from around the world.

Signaline is regularly used within the oil and gas industries for applications including the fire detection in tank farms, transformer units and turbines.

The conference is on between the 27th and 29th March at the The Pala De Andre’ complex, Ravenna.

We will be at Stand 3F11. We look forward to seeing you there.

To learn more about the show please click here

OMC 2019

LGM Products Ltd. has always recognised the importance of third-party qualifications on its range of products. As well as the globally recognised approvals of UL, FM and VdS on our Signaline range we have continued to work with local partners to ensure local compliance as well.

Last year we introduced the Signaline LocatorPlus into the Signaline FT family. This innovative new control unit for the FT cable range monitors the cable and immediately reports alarm location in an over heat situation.

Already UL approved, we are now pleased to announce the product has also been approved by Kuwait Civil Defence. Once again, we thank our Kuwaiti partner, Specialised Security Systems, for helping us achieve this extra qualification.

By gaining this approval we are now able to offer the LocatorPlus into this burgeoning and exciting market.

LGM Products is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our range of Signaline linear heat detection at the Security Essen Show.

Security Essen is one of the world’s largest fire and security exhibitions. With the previous edition of the show attracting over 40,000 visitors. This year is set to be bigger and better than ever with 1040 confirmed exhibitors from 45 different nations. And Signaline will be proud to be amongst them!

Visit us hall 6 stand 6B10.C from the 25th – 28th September 2018.

On display we will have our market leading Signaline HD cable. Approved by VdS, our Signaline HD analogue cable is the ideal solution for open area fire detection system such as car parks, warehousing and factory units.

We will also be very pleased to introduce onto the market Signaline LocatorPlus, our brand new Signaline FT controller with alarm locator and alarm outputs. The LocatorPlus enables end users to quickly identify an alarm location anywhere along a line of Signaline FT or Signaline FT-R cable. Further functionality also includes interlocking modes, modbus outputs and fault alarm.

To get your ticket for this event please click here

We look forward to seeing you there!

New for 2018, LGM Products is pleased to announce the arrival of the Signaline LocatorPlus.

LocatorPlus is a combined distance locator and monitor module compatible with all Signaline FT and FT-R linear heat detection cables.

Approved by UL, the LocatorPlus gives users instance alarm point location along the Signaline FT linear heat detection cable. However, unlike previous locator devices the LocatorPlus can then remotely report this location via the MODBUS output.

Furthermore, the LocatorPlus can offer location along 2 different zones of Signaline FT cable, each upto 3000m long.

But that is not all! The LocatorPlus also acts as a monitor module for the linear heat detection. It will report both fire and fault on either zone. These alarms are also indicated via an internal buzzer and LEDs on the LocatorPlus. The LocatorPlus is compatible with any conventional fire detection panel or can operate on an addressable interface. The LocatorPlus can also be used as the activation device on gas releasing panels

The LocatorPlus has two operating modes. Independent mode will report an alarm on either zone of cable independently. However, if set to interlocking the alarm relays are not triggered until both zones are in alarm. Thereby removing any risk of false alarms.

To learn more, see the datasheet and manual please click here

Between 23-26th April 2018 LGM Products was pleased to present our range of Signaline Linear heat detection cables at the Securex Exhibition in Poznan in Poland.

This was the 22nd Edition of the exhibition held at the Poznan International Fair and it was the biggest yet!  Incorporating exhibitors from around the world the show is the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe.


Securex 2018

Supporting Signaline’s local distributor partner BK Grupe we had a great opportunity to show and demonstrate our range of linear heat detectors and water leak detection. We received a great reception with interest from a wide range of installers, end users and consultants. The use of the cable within conveyors, car parks and cable trays were all hot topics.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whom took the time to visit us and discuss our products.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2020 if not before!

LGM Products is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our range of Signaline linear heat detection at the Parking & Property Show in London on the 10th May 2018.

The annual Parking & Property event is the one day in the year when property, parking, transport, technology and construction experts get together to explore the interaction between cars, people and places.

With the recent car park fires, including the New Year’s fire at Liverpool Echo Arena which destroyed 1,300 vehicles, there will be a particular focus on fire detection at the show.

We will be exhibiting our range of Signaline linear heat detection cable. These cables are perfectly designed for the car park environment:

  • Protected against exhaust smoke and corrosive exhaust gases
  • Reduced cost of installation
  • Maintenance free

Importantly Signaline is also EN54 certified, compliant with EU building fire detection guidelines.

For more information regarding Signaline please contact the sales team


It is with delight LGM Products can announce that the Signaline HD cable and Signaline SKM-03 controller have reached the latest European EMC standard. As a result our certification on both products has been extended.

LGM Products prides itself on offering product approved to the highest international standards. With this approval extension we can continue to offer Signaline linear heat detection solutions approved to EN54, FM, UL and KFI standards.

Unfortunately, the approval extension will not apply to the Signaline SKM-95 controller this year. It’s certificate will expire on the 21st March 2018 and in accordance with the certification will be withdrawn from sale on the 21st September 2018. Please ensure any projects requiring this model of the controller are placed before this deadline.

Signaline HD is an ideal solution for the protection of open areas such as car parks, tunnels, farm buildings and warehousing. The SKM-03 controller monitors the Signaline HD cable and will give an alarm signal when a significant temperature change has been detected.

Any questions or to speak to a member of the sales team please call +441252 725257 or email.Signaline HD Linear Heat Detection Cable

LGM Products is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our range of Signaline Linear heat detection at the Securex Exhibition in Poznan, Poland between 23-26th April 2018.

Last year’s SECUREX fair was co-created by almost 300 exhibitors who presented 150 new products from their offer. The wide range of events at last year’s fair attracted around 30,000 visitors.

2018 will be the 22nd edition of the exhibition of the show and stands to be the biggest show to date. It will be the first time Signaline is shown at this prestigious event.

Working with our local distributors BK Grupe, Signaline can be found on Stand 35 in Pavilion 7a.

On display will be our range of Signaline Linear Heat Detection including the Signaline SKM-03 EN54 approved analogue linear detector and Signaline FT (digital) linear heat detectors.

We look forward to seeing you there.

We are pleased to announce that our Signaline Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detection Cable has been approved by the Korean Fire Institute.

This KFI approval for both our FT-68 and FT-88 cables demonstrate our continued commitment to providing our customers with high quality and internationally approved products.

Signaline FT linear heat detection cable detects a build-up of heat anywhere along its length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature, an alarm is initiated.

Linear heat detection is an ideal solution for applications such as conveyor belts, tank farms and high voltage cable trays.

Signaline FT is also UL and FM approved and now with KFI approval we look forward to exploring the Korean market further.

Click here for more information on our Signaline FT cable or contact our sales team for further assistance.

We are proud to be attending KORMARINE Trade Show in Busan this October. This year LGM Products will be exhibiting at Stand 4K19 in the UK Pavilion.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, KORMARINE is the largest Marine Shipbuilding Business exhibition in Korea, and named 4th largest worldwide. The KORMARINE Show offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the latest industry innovations, focussing on four market sectors; Marine, Shipbuilding, Offshore and Oil and Gas.

LGM will be showcasing our range of marine approved fire detection, Signaline Linear Heat Detection and audio-visual signalling products.

Highlights include:

Esento Marine Conventional Fire Control Panels

LGM’s market leading panel offers boat owners and fleet managers an approved and cost affective fire detection solution.

  • The latest control panel technology.
  • Compact and available in 2, 48 or 12 Zones.
  • Approved to MED, LR and ABS.

Signaline FT Linear Heat Detection Cable

Trusted by businesses in 49 countries around the world our range of Linear Heat Detection Cable is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.  

Marine and Atex Approved Audio-Visual Signalling

LGM has more than 25 years of audio visual signalling expertise in the marine and hazardous area industry.

Range includes NEW marine approved VTG sounder beacon and VTB beacon.
Extensive range of Stainless Steel, GRP and Aluminium sounder beacons and call points approved for hazardous areas and offshore environments.
Complete range of MED approved sounders and beacons for any application.

If you wish to get in touch with us in advance of the KORMARINE Show to find out more please contact our sales team.

We look forward to seeing you there

LGM Products is proud to have been among the first companies to be certified as meeting the new international Quality Management Standard ISO9001:2015ISO

The certification means that our customers can be assured of high levels of service, performance and satisfaction.

The ISO9001 standard requires organisations to demonstrate that they have quality management systems in place to ensure consistency and improvement.

Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and they are assessed annually to ensure that progress is being maintained.

Alister Mogford, LGM Products’ Managing Director said: “This certification firmly establishes LGM as a leading company within its field for putting its customers first and an exceptional level of quality right the way through our supply chain.”

You can download a copy of the certification or click here for more information about our company.

Designing an effective fire detection system for fuel storage tanks poses particular challenges.

Fuel storage tanks are located in hazardous areas, can be exposed to harsh weather, and often incorporate a ‘floating roof’ which means there is the added complication of a moving structure.

Signaline linear heat detection is an excellent method of protecting fuel tanks from fire and we are keen to meet any challenge faced by our customers.

Where a ‘floating roof’ is part of the design, Signaline’s Retractable Cable is required to connect the Signaline system to the top of the moving tank.

The Retractable Cable extends and retracts as the floating roof moves up and down ensuring that system integrity is maintained.

Normally, Signaline Retractable Cable is supplied with 3 metre flying tails for termination. But on a recent project in Saudi Arabia our customer required unusually long tails for the cable at both ends of the installation.

We were able to supply them with Retractable Cable which included 5 metre tails top and bottom – a bespoke solution which is not readily available on the market.

The Retractable Cable also comes with a Hytrel coating – a thermoplastic material which combines flexibility and excellent durable toughness to ensure that the cable will not be affected by UV light and hazardous gases.

If you are interested in how we can adapt retractable cable to suit your project requirements, please contact

Signaline is pleased to be working alongside Specialised Security Systems, Kuwait.

Kuwait imageSSS will distribute our range of Signaline linear detection products within Kuwait as we continue to grow our business in the international marketplace.

In collaboration with SSS, we have also gained Civil Defense Approval for our Signaline products adding to our wide range of national and international approvals.

We are looking forward to working with a company which shares our passion for providing excellent products backed by first class customer service.